Short Stories


The Rise of Ares: Mortal Sins

​​Born on a decaying city station far from Earth, Ares tries to even the odds against the Rachten—those wealthy enough to afford genes that give long live, intelligence, and beauty—but he quickly finds himself in debt and on the run from the most powerful and ruthless institution in the solar system.

His flight lands him in the hands of an AI hidden from the world, which lures him with technological gifts that can save his life.

He is soon thrust into a world of power, politics, and intrigue…games he never meant to play, and his world comes crashing down, as he find an AI is not something to trust.

That realization, that he is a pawn in a game he can’t begin to fathom, forces him to confront himself and his past—a past riddled with lies and planned well before he was ever born.

But the AI miscalculated. Ares will not play its game anymore. 

serge alexandr